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Extremely unique names?

I like Sweetpea, but everyone on YA told me it was ridiculous and not a real name, even though it is (look it up on baby name meanings website!!)

but Anyways, do you have any ideas for extremely unique names? And by any chance, Do you like Sweetpea?

(its for a book!)Extremely unique names?
I call my friend Sweet Pea, but it's as a joke haha. If it's only for a book, though, I say go for it. Ever read The Outsiders by S.E Hinton? The main character's name is Ponyboy. His bro is Sodapop. And it works, because it's a fictional book.

although I wouldn't recommend actually naming a kid that. haha.
sweetpea is not a name and is ridiculous, its like naming your child carrot or limabean. being on the baby naming website doesnt mean diddly squat because anyone can add to those sites, i could add "poledancer" or "hduhd3udh3" as a name on one of those sites, that doesnt make it a real name. some extremely unique girls name that are actually names are Corrina, Veda, Natya, or Inez.Extremely unique names?
Girls--- Amber, Ember, Ambree (french), Pebbles, Pennbrooke, Antoniarain, Mayoen (May-on), Stath, Kinder, Zarah, Zamie, Meck, Kit, Lovley, Bailet, Bailey (my name), Hasley or Haisley, Amine (am-in) , Facts, Lalith, Dale, and Ganime (gan-ime) Good luckExtremely unique names?



1. i just like the name rhiannon. or rhi for short.

2. rhodesia is a pretty name, my friends name. or desia for short.

3. ranid is my name:) ya dont see it everyday:D
if its for a character in a book i think its a great unique name. but as for naming a real child that im not a fan.. you'd want to give them a really normal middle name incase they didnt like being called Sweetpea
Girls Names:

Saoirse (SEER-shuh) (Irish)
















Ancel (ON-sell)





Truitt [Tru] (TRUE-it)
Dont like sweetpea for a name lol

Iris - girl

Roman- boy

Sage- girl (not sure if that extremely unique for ya or not lol)

I also heard Thagger %26amp; Zaylilly (the were twins, seen them at walmart)
If the name Sweetpea is for a book then I say go for it!! It's cute:) but I personally would not name my child this...

Beautiful female baby names?

I'm due with my first baby on the first week of July. I'm having a baby girl, but my husband and I still haven't decided on the name of our baby. Any suggestions please? It's my first baby and of course I'd like to name it something beautiful - beautiful name with beautiful meaning. Meanings matter. Thanks!Beautiful female baby names?
- Faith

- Ruby

- Marina (means 'sea)

- Evolet

Some names I like are:

(name - meaning)

Alina - Light

Helena - Light

Hannah - grace, favor

Amelia - work of the Lord

Brooke - water, small stream

Allison - noble, kind

Elizabeth - my God is a vow

Norah - honor, sun ray, shining light

Esme - to love

Louisa - famous warrior

Lillian/Lily - lily

Violet - purple, blue flower

Lucy - light

Joanna - the Lord is gracious

Matilda - mighty in battle

Kendra - greatest champion

Colleen - girl

Joy - joy

Samantha - listener (of God)

Katie - pure

Rose - rose

Amy - beloved

You could also use a virtue name. (like Hope, Grace, Serenity, Faith, Felicity, Amity...) They always have beautiful meanings!

hope this helps!Beautiful female baby names?
my favourites are :

Evelyn - birdlike

Ava - birdlike

Aria - aria, as in a piece of music. or it also means Lioness. (Ari means eagle)

Aleah - sublime

Names meaning beautiful:

Anika - very beautiful

Belinda - beautiful

Ella - beautiful fairy

Farrah - beautiful

Keely - beautiful and graceful

Maleah - beautiful young woman

Shana - beautifulBeautiful female baby names?
shanna feodora silvana marina summer alison beth cora dora ellen fiona grace hillary ivory jane kathy kathleen kimora lillyanna lilly lacey melissa mokita mandy nigella nicky nicole olivia petra poppy pippa paige rebecca renee rose stacey tracy tonya tamara ushula violet wendy willow xena sylvia skyla fifi penny tammie tammy zoe don't know meanings but if you like a name could look it up.
Katrina Rose . . . . . Katrina means 'Pure' - which every child is :)

And Rose - well its a flower, and the most romantic flower of all time.
I love the names Alyssa, Leyla, and Rylee.
Astrid means fair, God, beautiful






My favourite girl names are Montana and Verity
My favorite girls name has always been Amelia.
christiane it means ( name of god) my family is very into bible names
i like Eve or Eva it means life :)
tanya- fairy queen

bianca- pure white









Hindu girl baby birth date 02August09 time 03.54am kindly suggest names using numerlogy with meanings?

How about Laina

Numerology scores for the name LAINA:

The Methods score of LAINA is 1

Someone with a Destiny of 1 is most likely destined to be some sort of leader. They grow to have the independence and originality to lead the pack and the initiative to stay there.

The Motives score of LAINA is 2

Someone with a Soul Urge of 2 will tend to grow into a sensitive, intuitive mediator.

The Appearances score of LAINA is 8

People with Personalities of 8 are seen as decisive, authoritative, and powerfulHindu girl baby birth date 02August09 time 03.54am kindly suggest names using numerlogy with meanings?
weird question but ok...

2 = b

8 = h

9= i

3 = c

5 = e

4 = d

Together equals = dhebic or bedich, i triedHindu girl baby birth date 02August09 time 03.54am kindly suggest names using numerlogy with meanings?





What baby girl names stand out?

My sister is having a baby and she chose Anastasha but she wants to know some more names that stand out. If you know can you give the meanings?What baby girl names stand out?
Now this is weird but true..when I heard the title..I was like Anastasha is she chose a good one!
Azailia- its a name of a flower

Glinda-same as below

Margret-not many people have this name

Esther (prounounced es-ter)What baby girl names stand out?
SixWhat baby girl names stand out?
What about Allena? It is pronounced uh-lee-nuh. I have suggested it many times. I think that is a beautiful name. I also think Anistacia is too.



hope this helps and good luck**

P.S. anastacia is soo beautiful!
Amaya-Japanese-night rain

It's my daughter's name. I fell in love with it years ago and we always get compliments on how pretty it is.
That name is ridiculous.
Tess, which means rushing waterfall













Cloe Elle
Annabelle means easy to love

Felecia means Happy

Celia means Heaven

Annalise means grace

Aziza means powerful, beloved

Charissa means grace

Anaya means good answered

Chandi means goddess

Shaina means beautiful

Raina means queen

Divina means beloved






good luck!
Miranda means admirable and wonderful

Allegra means cheerful and lively

Kaydence means rythym and flow
Mya Iolani (Mee-ah) ( I-o-lane) Hawaiian names..
Anniela( sorry i just kinda made that one up im sure its been made up before though so i dont know if it means anything), Esperanza(means hope in spanish), i think both of those names are better than Anastasha that isnt that pretty of a name.
What about the shortening Anastasha to just Stasha its fun just to sit and play with the names and see what you can come up with, I personally am having a boy, so I havent even thought of girls names, good luck in choosing the right one.
  • cream solution
  • Give me the names for skih baby (girl and boy) with meanings?


    Heaven backwardsGive me the names for skih baby (girl and boy) with meanings?鈥?/a>

    click child care and baby names links and get top names with meaningGive me the names for skih baby (girl and boy) with meanings?
    if it is a male then go for Manmohan SinghGive me the names for skih baby (girl and boy) with meanings?

    Adishvar: the foremost God

    Agam: God; unapproachable

    Agamjit: triumph of God

    Agampreet: love for God

    Ajitesh: unconquerable God

    Akal: God; omnipotent; ageless

    Akaljeet: triumph of God

    Akalpreet: love of God

    Arnalinder. immaculate God

    Amanjeet: one who conquers cupid; Shiva

    Ambreesh: God of sky

    Amitesh: limitless God

    Amrik- God of sky

    Angad: name of the second Sikh guru; a piece of jeweler

    Angang- God of love; Kamdev

    Atinder: greatest God

    Atinderjeet.: triumph of God

    Avanesh: lord of the earth

    Avaninder: lord of the earth


    Bani: sayings of the Guru

    Bhagwantjot: light of God

    Bhagwantroop: in the form of God

    Bhupinderpal: preserved by God

    Bishan: immaculate God; Vishnu

    Bishanpal: brought up by God

    Brahamdev: the highest God

    Brahamjeet: triumph of God

    Brahamsarup: with an appearance like God


    Charandeep: the light of God's feet

    Charanpreet: love for God's feet


    Datar. the kind God

    Depinder: resplendent God

    Devasheesh: blessing of God

    Devinder: God

    Devinderpal: fostered by God

    Devjeet: triumphant God

    Devpreet: love for God

    Dharamdeep: lamp of religion

    Dharamdev: God of faith

    Dharampreet- love of faith

    Dharamsheel: holy; religious; pious

    Divjot- divine light


    Ekambir. one brave God

    Ekampreet: love for one's God

    Ekanjeet: triumph of God

    Ekjot- God is one


    Gurbachan: sayings of the guru

    Gurbaksh: gift of the guru

    Gurbhagat-. devotee of the guru

    Gurdeep: lamp of the guru

    Gurdev: lord; guru

    Gurinder. lord; guru

    Guriqbal: glory of the guru

    Gurjas: fame of the guru

    Gurjeet: victory of the guru

    Gurjinder. triumph of the guru

    Gurjit: triumph of the guru

    Gurkirat- praise of the guru

    Gurleen: engrossed in the guru

    Gurmeet: friend of the guru

    Gurnam: name of the guru

    Gurneet: moral given by the guru

    Gurpal: brought up by the guru

    Gurpreet. love for the guru

    Gursharan: in refuge of the guru

    Gursiman: remembering the guru

    Gursimrah: remembering the guru

    Gurtej: grandeur of the guru

    Gurvinder. lord; guru


    Harbhajan: hymns of God

    Harbinder: absorbed in God

    Harbin courageous like God

    Hardeep: light of God

    Hardev: the highest God

    Harinder- God

    Harisaroop: with an appearance like God

    Harjeet: triumph of God

    Harjinder- life which has been granted by God

    Harjodh: courageous like God

    Harjot: the light of God

    Harkirat: praise of God

    Harleen: absorbed in God

    Harmeet: a friend of God

    Harnam: name of God

    Harpreet: love of god

    Harpuneet: clean; pure like God

    Harsimran: remembering God

    Hartej: radiance of God

    Hitender: compassionate God


    Inderbir. lord of bravery

    Inderdeep: light of the lord

    Inderjit- triumph of the lord

    Inderpah brought up by God

    Inderpreet: love for the God


    japinder: in appreciation of God

    jasleen: engrossed in the fame of God

    jasminder: lord of glory

    jasvinder: lord of glory


    Maheshinder: Lord Shiva

    Manavinder. lord of humanity

    Maninder. lord of mind

    Matinder. lord of wisdom


    Naginder. lord of mountain; Shiva

    Nampreet- love for God's name

    Nanak. name of the first Sikh guru

    Nripinder. lord of kings


    Onkar- God's name

    Onkarjeet: triumph for God's name

    Onkarpreet: love for God's name

    Opinder. nearness to God


    Parminder: highest God

    Prabhjit: triumph of God

    Prabhjot- lamp of God

    Prabhmeet: friend of God

    Prabhrup: with an appearance of God

    Prabhsimran: admiration of God

    Pushpinder. God of flowers


    Raghubir: Lord Rama, hero of the Raghu family

    Rajdev: God; sovereign

    Ramandeep: enveloped by the light of the lord's love

    Raminder: God; beloved

    Ramjeet: triumph of God

    Rupinder: lord of beauty


    Sarabdev: omnipresent

    Sarabnam: the always present name of God

    Sarminder: God of war

    Satinderpal: protected by God of truth

    Satvinder. God of truth

    Sukhinder. God of happiness

    Surinder: the chief of Gods

    Surinderjeet: triumph of God

    SurJit: victory of God

    Surjot: fight of God


    Tavleen: engrossed in God Tejinder. God of grandeur


    Vijender: triumphant God Vikramjit: God of bravery


    Yadvinder: Lord Krishna; God

    Help with Visayan Baby Names Suggestions for boys and girls ????

    I am British and I am Pregnant - my Husband is filipino , but seems to be terrible at coming up with names lol . I'm looking for Visayan names ( as my husband is from cebu) and really non spanish names . Any suggestions especially with meanings would be greatfully recieved !! ThanksHelp with Visayan Baby Names Suggestions for boys and girls ????
    I don't know if you'll like this Visayan name for a girl but I find it beautiful:

    Himaya (hee-mah-yah)- means "praise"
    Try to find a baby name at this website: I'm not sure if some of the names are Visayan but I can see Tagalog names - but many are western baby names.Help with Visayan Baby Names Suggestions for boys and girls ????
    KaliHelp with Visayan Baby Names Suggestions for boys and girls ????
    amihan if it's a girl
    Himaya works for me, I like it.

    Question sort of related to baby names, plus a baby name BQ?

    Okay, so I'm a senior in high school this year, and I'm trying to figure out what to do my Senior Project on. Since I'm completely obsessed with baby names, I thought I might do it on the etymology and meanings of names. Do you think it would be a good idea? My other alternative is Domestic Violence.. Original right? lol.

    BQ: What are your top 3 names for each gender?


    Violet Isabelle

    Anneliese Ivy

    Clara Vivienne

    Jude Alexander

    Liam John

    Shay Preston

    Thanks =)Question sort of related to baby names, plus a baby name BQ?
    Your senior project sounds excellent. You need a unifying thesis, however, to sustain continuity. Perhaps an idea would be to look at the way names given to characters in novels and short stories become nouns through common usage. For ex: Scrooge (Dickens has so many more, like Uriah Heep,etc).

    I won't list my favourite names, because I've done that on other answers, but of your list I'll choose my top choices: Clara Vivienne and Shay Preston

    I think its a very interesting idea because iv been obsessed with baby names too.

    Mine are

    Girls names

    Autumn Luci, Luna Jade, we don't have a third name picked yet but i love these names

    Lorelei, Delia, Lilith, Dakota, Delilah, Devin, Louisa, Scarlett, Coraline or Cora, Correen,

    boys names

    Draven Richard, David Wyatt. we don't have a third name picked out but i love these names.

    Vincent, Drake, Lucian, Levi, Dakota, Luca, Storm for a middle name, Isaac, Anthony, Gavin, Damian.

    there are more but i can't think of them right now.Question sort of related to baby names, plus a baby name BQ?
    I think doing it on etymology is really cool (and definitely more original and fun than domestic violence!) It's kind of broad, though - what are the parameters of your project? Maybe you could do the etymology of the names of characters in a particular work of literature, or more than one work of literature. Might be interesting!


    Nora Audrey

    Colette Jane

    Grace Camille

    August James

    Oliver Jude

    Gabriel HenryQuestion sort of related to baby names, plus a baby name BQ?
    I think your baby name idea is fantastic and it is a great idea! It will be fun to research! Especially since you are obsessed with baby names. (I am too.)

    top 3 names for each gender:


    Mitchel Lee

    Elliot Tyler

    Jasper Monroe

    (I might switch a middle name to match my great-Grandpa's name somehow.)


    This is a much harder one for me to decide. I will list a few if that is alright...

    Alice Elizabeth

    Alimarie Ilene

    Marki Paige

    Romy Lynn

    Nicola Michelle

    Brenlee Jade

    Claire Marie

    Juliet Grace
    I think that sounds like a great idea! As long as you can write enough about it, then I think it would be a really good and original idea.



    Alyssa Kate

    Phoebe Elizabeth

    Brigitte Tara


    Jackson Cole

    Lucas James

    Dorian Edward


    Which middle name do you prefer for Alyssa?…

    How do YOU pronounce Gisela?…

    What do you think of these names as sib-sets?;…

    Does anyone know where to find a live version of Transylvanian Concubine?;…

    Question/request about the Final Destination 3 DVD?;…

    Where can I find these movies?…

    Could you please vote on my fave baby names:…
    I think Etymology of Names is a wonderful subject! You don't hear that one very often and a lot of people (including me) love names and would love to hear that project!


    Alexis June

    Kailyn Elizabeth

    Aria Grace

    Andrew Dean

    Jayden Wyatt

    Noah Tyler

    Hope this Helps! And Best of Luck! =)
    Do the baby names thing, make us all proud:D Cool idea

    (adorable girl names, love love, and love all your boy names cept Liam)

    Addison Marie (Addie Marie) (I know Marie is a filler but its so adorable sounding!)

    Faith Sienna

    Callie Susan (Susans after my mom)

    Tristan Nicholas

    Donovan Blake

    Oliver Charles (Charles after my grandfather)

    :) It was soooo hard to narrow down!
    Do it! It's your passion, and it's interesting!


    Girls: (Today :P)

    Elizabeth Rose

    Arabella Grace

    Gwendolyn Lily


    James Adrian

    Cole Julian

    Jonathan William(?)


    Sarah Charlotte

    Delilah Taylor

    Haiden Grace


    Caden Andrew

    Tyler Roger

    Chris Anthony
    I think the etymology thing is really unique! And it would be fun since you love names :)


    Grace Caroline

    Lily Catherine

    Ivy Elizabeth


    Jude Harrison

    Hudson Carter

    Reid Benjamin
    I think it is a good idea.


    Meredith Paige or Rose

    Addison Nicole or Ranee

    Savannah Grace

    The first name Paige and Nicole I like more for a middle name than Rose and Ranee


    Kyle Anthony

    Owen Matthew

    Elliott Carter
    I think that's a great idea! It sounds like it would be really interesting.



    Olivia Kathryn

    Eliana Maria "Ella"

    Ava Camille


    Andrew Thomas

    Noah James

    Jackson Robert
    yep good idea!


    Eloise Fiona

    Madeline Lacey

    Zoe Anneliese


    Phillip Macen

    Charles Bodhi "Charlie"

    Payson Nicholas "Pacey"
    I think thats a great idea, really unique

    Top 3:












    Wolfgang (Wolfie)



    Lia Rose

    Simone Isabella

    Annabelle Winter

    Parker Matthew

    Mason Riley

    Connor William